End Of Season

It has been a super season for us, made special not just by One For Arthur's win in the Grand National, but also by the improved perfomance of our team as the season went on.

Eleventh place in the trainers' table with £926,414 prizemoney and forty three winners is excellent and a rise from twenty sixth place last year. Of course, the Grand National prizemoney, which made One For Arthur leading jumps horse and The Two Golf Widows fourth in the country for owners, was exceptional. 

However, it is not just about Arthur. We have had twenty seven other horses who have won, including multiple winners Big River, Tantamount, Imjoeking, Marcus Antonius, Mumgos Debut, Newtown Lad, Catchthemoonlight, Bescot Springs and Vertigo. We started the season down on numbers and with a poor strike rate up until Christmas, but having relaid the gallop and with Jamie Turnbull leading the team we have turned it around. 

I believe that our strength is our home team, and with professional jockeys riding out daily, the horses are given effective work. The jockeys have deservedly won plenty on the track: Derek is 15th in the country on earnings with 18 winners, Grant had 10 wins, Blair 11 wins, Stephen 8 wins and Alex 7 wins (and an eighteen percent strike rate).

We have excellent owners to support and invest in us and I think that judging by the hospitality boxes at Cheltenham, Perth, and Kelso this spring the inclusive nature of the yard makes for a great team spirit. Thank you to all of them.

And what next? The team is even more determined to build on last season. We will continue with our system of getting the horses fit and sound to run, and will be sourcing more horses through the summer. Through this website, we will detail a few tweaks to the facilities and will keep the news up to date. There will also be the Facebook page LUCINDA RUSSELL RACING for more regular updates and photographs of day to day life in the yard. 

Thanks to everyone who follows us, it is, and always has been a team thing, and we are all focused on giving our horses and owners the most success possible. 


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  • George Godsman

    As one of your long term and committed owners I can only agree with your sentiments and particularly endorse the social aspect of owning at Arlary. I remember your comments during interview after Arthur's win when you said "it's not all about One For Arthur we try to do our best for all our owners" and I think that does sum up your philosophy.

    Yes the results earlier this season at Arlary were patchy at best but, the true test of a management team is the ability to identify the problems and take decisive action. The results in the second half of the season clearly show this happened.

    Having been in ownership for some 27 years, and at various yards throughout the UK, the first thing you have to remember is there are many downs in racing results/injury wise, they certainly exceed the ups. All yards go through bad times, when results suffer for a myriad of reasons. With this in mind it is extremely important that the social aspect goes some way to mitigate the disappointment suffered by racing results on the track.

    At Arlary it is indeed an inclusive experience, the costs of providing hospitality at Perth, Kelso and Cheltenham Festival for example is no minor undertaking I am sure but, it provides a focal point for all Arlary Owners to celebrate and commiserate with each other, often looked after by all the Russell family.

    I have said it before and will say it again, being an owner at Arlary is like being part of the Russell family, long may it continue. Onwards and upwards Lucinda, the fantastic result from One For Arthur should provide a springboard for further success I am sure.

    George Godsman
    County Sets/Tay Valley Chasers Racing Club

    May 02, 2017 @ 12:41pm
  • Iain Milne

    What a great season for all at Arlary, since meeting Debs and Colin I have followed your stable with interest. Obviously the highlight for me was meeting One For Arthur in "person"
    All the best and hopefully I'll be up visiting the stable in the future. Cheers. Iain Milne.

    May 02, 2017 @ 11:02pm
  • Ricky Martin

    As a member of the TVC syndicate I heartily agree with George's comments

    May 03, 2017 @ 11:37am

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